aromatherapy and essential oil  books on shelfWe would not be true to our mission of serving as a catalyst for your connection to Nature if we did not advise and inform to help you safely and effectively use our products and services.  We also feel it is important to share information about the plants themselves, including the sometimes complicated process of their journey to become the precious aromatherapy drops that end up in the bottles you trust and revere. It is our hope that you will make conscious and intelligent decisions about the essential oils you use, suggesting substitutions for those that are endangered or temporarily threatened, and always promoting sensible safe practices that will bring no harm.  We hope to inspire you to make lifestyle choices that reflect conservation, stewardship and protection of the natural world we live in, conserving, recycling, reusing and keeping the future health of our planet and future generations always in mind. 

Much like a beautiful plant, this section will grow and renew over time with more and more useful information about aromatic plants, in addition to helpful skill building tips and formulae for you to use to safely practice aromatherapy self-care for your family's well being.  You will find natural perfumery basics and helpful suggestions as you develop your olfactory prowess in aromatic blending. 

Much of this information originates from the authors, journals and publications listed in the bibliography, as well as from the 20+ years of education and personal experience in the essential oil marketplace of the owners of Samara Botane.  Many of you are professionals; if you see misstated or confusing information, please contact us so that we can review and correct it if necessary.

Please stop by this section often.  We will advise our subscribers when new articles appear or changes are made through our email newsletter notifications, for which you can sign up .



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