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No man is an island, and a well-balanced company is no different.  Throughout the years Samara Botane/Nature Intelligence has developed long-term relationships with membership organizations that provide academic research, business services, education and networking, and myriad benefits that aid our ability to serve you.  Many of these organizations share our vision of a sustainable future and, together, we form a powerful tribe working for a better world.  We also directly support a variety of nonprofit organizations that go into the field and provide valuable services such as midwifery education and aromatherapy help for our troops and emergency disaster workers across the globe.  We support these organizations monetarily and, for some, we provide products that will help them better serve their missions throughout the world. The support that we provide is meaningful to the heart and soul of our business, which would seem bereft without these important relationships.  It is with the help of, and our reciprocal service to, this larger community that we complete and strengthen our community circle.  These organizations are all listed on the Organizations page with a short paragraph about them and a link to each so that you can learn more.  We also host and contribute to numerous weblogs and social networks to report current trends and research and keep spreading the aromatic message. 

On the Websites and Weblog pages, you will find a plethora of solid, well-researched information to learn more about aromatherapy, herbalism, wellness, gaia issues, sustainability, political and geopolitcal issues, cosmetic and food safety issues . . . all in all, a wide range of information and opinions that you may find helpful.

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