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Professional/Student Discounts

Samara Botane offers a 10% discount to Licensed Health Professionals, Certified Aromatherapy and Alternative Health Practitioners, and students who attend one of the educational institutions we supply, for either online or phone sales. To qualify, we must have your license information on file. Please fill out the details about your license below and we will verify it online.

Once your qualifying information has been received and reviewed, we will set you up in our computer and you will then receive a 10% or higher discount on all orders (except for packaging supplies, which we sell at a low markup to everyone). This discount is in place of our 5% discount for web orders. Sale discounts that we offer are in place of this discount if they are greater.

Our Privacy Policy - We will use your information submitted here only to verify that you are eligible for our discount. We will not sell your name to anyone else, although we may send you information about Aromatherapy events that we are not directly sponsoring.

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  If you are a licensed Health or Alternative Health Practitioner, enter information about your license here.
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  Practicing Certified Aromatherapist or Alternative Health Practitioner
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If you are a practicing Aromatherapist or Alternative Health Practitioner without a license, please list your training and courses, certifications, or other qualifications here. (List school or teacher where appropriate);
Students please list your Educational Instution and Campus Location :

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