I don't feel like writing a poem, Instead, I will light the incense-burning vessel Filled with myrrh, jasmine and frankincense, And the poem will grow in my heart Like flowers in my garden. -Student of Hafiz (14th Century A.D.)
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Welcome to the Samara Botane website featuring aromatherapy essential oils and aromatherapy products. We hope that you find it informative and easy to navigate. Please spend some time exploring. Mouse over the bottles for notes that alert you to new information, seasonal specials, and new product introductions. Some bottles have links!

Have You Checked These Aromatherapy Tools Out?

74302,74303 Tester Strip Holders choice of heart or oval clips.
74401 Inert Gas-Aerosol - Extends shelf life of essential oils and fine aromatics. Find in Apothecary under Tools/Accessories. Click on bottle to visit.

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Delightful Gift Idea

76562 Sweetwood™ Aromatic Room Spray is a delightful combination of Cedarwood, Vanilla and Citrus for a clean and fragrant environment. Yummy! Click on jar to visit.


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