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There are many useful websites for information about aromatic topics. We've listed many of the ones that we believe would be useful to our customers in learning more about aromatherapy, herbalism, and supporting the movements towards sustainability and saving our Society and Planet from the challenges it faces. Use the menus on the right to see other links on the Organizations and Weblogs pages.

Food For Thought

the story of stuff

think outside the bottle

Nonprofit Organizations

Alliance of International Aromatherapists

The Aromatic Plant Project

Alternative Medicine Foundation

Natural Perfumery Links








Aromatherapy Herbal


American Botanical Council

Aromamedical Publications & Training Services


In vitroantibacterial activity of some plant essential oils

Save Our Herbs

What Does the Research Say About Essential Oils? | Taking Charge Of Your Health

Aromatherapy and Herbal Blogs

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Blog - AromaTalk

Essential Wild

Herbal Matters - the amazing science behind plant-based medicine

Jonathan Treasure’s Herblog

Solarkat's Eco blog

White Lotus Aromatics Blog

Ароматерапия (Russian aromatherapy blog)

Natural Perfumery Blogs

aromatisches Blog - Aromatics Blog

Perfume Shrine


Govt/Academic Research

Mite Control in Honeybees With Essential Oils

RIRDC - Sub-Program 1 - Essential Oils and Plant Extracts

Other Links

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