About Us:

Our History:

Samara Botane/Nature Intelligence germinated in the late 1980’s when Marcia began creating aromatic and herbal products for family and friends, gradually becoming a serious business and formally incorporated in 1997. The endeavor is borne of her lifelong fascination with growing plants for medicinal preparation and their similar or contradictory uses across cultural and ethnic lines. As a folklorist and administrator of cross cultural public programs for 20 plus years, Marcia had opportunity to develop original studies of plant usage involving over 25 ethnic or indigenous populations. Marcia’s long time love for wildcrafting and gardening led her to discover for herself extraction methods for medicinal plant applications and she has prepared plant medicinals in various forms throughout her journey.

Marcia is the touchstone for the integrity of the company and holds advanced certificates in Therapeutic Herbalism with David Hoffmann, I.A.P.M. Aromatherapy studies with Philippe Mailhebiau and SPE Phyto-Essencing studies with Dr. Bruce Berkowsky. She has extensively studied horticulture and botany of aromatic plants and belongs to numerous professional societies and organizations involved in the science, research, chemistry and pharmacy of aromatic plants. She and her partner-husband, Rob Stitt, host and contribute to the aromaconnection blog , a non-commercial group blog covering contemporary issues in the aromatic industry from worldwide authors. They have operated two retail apothecary shops/learning centers over the span of Samara Botane’s existence, the first on upper Queen Anne in Seattle and the second in historic downtown Snohomish. Like many other businesses, Samara Botane was birthed in a basement (well, lower apartment that we owned) and now has grown to occupy a moderate sized office and warehouse on a five-acre tract where they are creating aromatic demonstration gardens.

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Our Philosophy:

A samara is a winged seed; botane is an ancient word of French derivation pertaining to plants. This Gaia metaphor reflects our symbiotic connection and cyclical relationship with nature intelligence. It is a relationship of mutual benefit with stewardship being the human side of the bargain. We believe that it is our collective birthright to know and use plants and their natural derivatives for our well-being and enjoyment. We also recognize our duty to honor and preserve a sustainable natural future. Our company mission is to serve as a catalyst to strengthen your personal connection to the natural world and provide quality products derived directly from Nature to assist your journey. Please review our company's conservation and ecological statement. We adhere to the values and principles as put forth by The Earth Charter Initiative. Please visit our community section to learn more about organizations we support and to find additional connections and resources for your own aromatic journey.

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Our Practice:

We have been sourcing superior quality herbal and aromatic plant ingredients directly from growers and producers worldwide since 1990. We pride ourselves on traceability and analytic surety. All essential oils we carry are 100% undiluted steam or hydro-distilled, identified by correct Latin binomial, country of origin, extraction method and specific plant part. We scrutinize many producers before we accept the quality and integrity of their aromatic extractions. All Samara Essentials labels include specific lot number for traceability to its exact source. We have become expert in organoleptic assessment; however, we also test using gas chromatography and other chemical analysis to insure that our essential oils serve the highest standards for medical application, and are the best choice for your family’s care at home. Our quality assurance is unsurpassed. We provide certified organic whenever possible, however, it is a fact that most indigenous populations practice organic growing or ethical wildcrafting methods, however, they sometimes cannot afford the costs of certification or do not have access to it. Over the years, we have diligently sought direct relations with producers who honor the lives of the people who source and harvest the botanicals they extract; we require stringent documentation and press producers to provide the support and assistance sometimes needed by their indigenous raw materials suppliers.

Samara Botane also produces a wide range of spa and personal wellness products designed to provide natural wellness and comfort, mainly helping to reduce stress and anxiety. We supply clinics, health professionals, massage therapists and other professionals, as well as the general consumer interested in natural aromatics. We offer many of our products wholesale.

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Contact us:

P. O. Box 2483
Snohomish, WA 98291-2483

Order Line: 800.782.4532

Corporate staff: 360.862.0231

Fax: Discontinued. Please use email.


Website: http://www.wingedseed.com

Blogs: the aromaconnection blog

Blogs: The Winged Seed


“ We believe that it is our collective birthright to know and use plants and their natural derivatives for our well-being and enjoyment. We also recognize our duty to honor and preserve a sustainable natural future.”

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P. O. Box 2483 | Snohomish, WA 98291-2483
Order Line: 800.782.4532 | Corporate: 360.862.0231 | Fax: Discontinued. Please use email or phone.