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American BotanicalSamara Botane is a member of the ABC, your source for reliable herbal medicine information, and supports its programs and activities including its publication HerbalGram.

The ABC provides education using science-based and traditional information to promote responsible use of herbal medicine — serving the public, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, industry and media.





Marcia is a founding member of the AIA, a fast-growing nonprofit, international member-based organization providing education using scientific research and traditional information to promote the responsible use of aromatherapy.





The mission of the APP is to educate by information with Articles and in The AROMATIC NEWS.  To encourage the growing and distillation of true essential oil plants in the United States for the production of hydrosols and essential oils; to educate consumers as to the appropriate and beneficial uses of these natural aromatherapy products; to conduct aromatherapy and distillation classes to teach the proper way to produce quality hydrosols. The Aromatic Plant Project is a non-profit organization, founded in 1990 by Jeanne Rose, to supplement foreign-grown & distilled essential oils and hydrosols with U.S.- grown products in the local aromatherapy markets.


Botanical Society Of America logo

The Botanical Society of America (BSA) is a "not-for-profit" 501 (c) (3) membership society whose mission is to: promote botany, the field of basic science dealing with the study and inquiry into the form, function, development, diversity, reproduction, evolution, and uses of plants and their interactions within the biosphere. To accomplish this mission, the objectives of The Society are to: sustain and provide improved formal and informal education about plants; encourage basic plant research; provide expertise, direction, and position statements concerning plants and ecosystems; and foster communication within the professional botanical community, and between botanists and the rest of humankind through publications, meetings, and committees.


Society For Economic Botany logo The Society for Economic Botany (SEB) was established in 1959 to foster and encourage scientific research, education, and related activities on the past, present, and future uses of plants, and the relationship between plants and people, and to make the results of such research available to the scientific community and the general public through meetings and publications. Membership in SEB is open to individuals interested in economic botany and in the promotion of research in this field.


Green Products Alliance logo Green Products Alliance is a consortium of manufacturers and marketers who make and sell extraordinarily natural personal care products. We are looking to network with companies who believe that socially responsible business practices can help to create a sustainable economy and ecosystem. Member companies work together to lower raw material, marketing, advertising and public relations costs through cooperative projects and group buying power.




Indie Beauty Network logoWe are long-time members of the Indie Beauty Network, founded by Donna Maria Coles Johnson, attorney, author and motivational speaker. IBN helps independent business owners to maximize their potential through award winning training and advice. Membership benefits include an affordable products liability insurance program, and worldwide media and promotional activities.


Natural Ingredient Resource Center

Samara Botane has signed the Truth in Labeling Pledge at NIRC. We believe in using natural ingredients we openly list all ingredients in our products.





Institute of Science in Society logoThe Institute of Science in society is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing critical and accessible scientific information to the public and to promoting social accountability and ecological sustainability in science.


Union of Concerned Scientists logo
The Union of Concerned Scientists is the leading science-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world. UCS combines independent scientific research and citizen action to develop innovative, practical solutions and to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices, and consumer choices.


we support:

Bioneers is a nonprofit organization that provides solutions-based education and social connectivity through the Bioneers national and local conferences and programs, including: The Bioneers Revolution From the Heart of Nature radio series; anthology book series; television programs and online community. Bioneers is a key source for the media providing materials used by colleges, schools and organizations. They conduct core programs on Women¹s Leadership, Dreaming New Mexico (state-based restoration), Youth and Food Systems.


Hand Toy Alliance logo

Samara Botane supports the activities of small, grass roots businesses and reasonable regulations that keep us and our children safe without penalizing the small, local manufacturers who are dedicated to that safety but don't have the resources to cope with overregulation.



Link TV

Link TV broadcasts programs that engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world. These programs provide a unique perspective on international news, current events, and diverse cultures, presenting issues not often covered in the U.S. media. We connect American viewers with people at the heart of breaking events, organizations in the forefront of social change and the cultures of an increasingly global community.


MOMS teaches women to provide safe    maternity care and to change their communities. We work in a remote area of Sierra Leone, where women have a one in eight chance of dying in pregnancy and birth.  Samara Botane supports this effort with monetary contributions and aromatherapy supplies.



Organic Consumers Association logoThe Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics.


Trees For The Future logo

Samara Botane supports Trees for the Future and donates funding to plant one tree for each order placed with us. This will help the reforestation of our planet and help reduce carbon emissions.

 Samara Botane contributes products and financial support to UAE. The United Aromatherapy Effort, (UAE) is a not-for-profit Charitable organization born out of the September 11th tragedy. The mission of UAE is to provide stress relief and aromatherapy to relief workers during emergency work and afterwards. We collect and disseminate donated aromatherapy products to those affected by disaster as well as provide aromatherapy massage support to the relief workers.  UAE has expanded its efforts to provide aromatherapy help to our troops in Afghanistan.



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