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Back in May, we talked about practical things you can do to prevent colds and flu: http://wingedseed.blogspot.com/search/label/Colds%20and%20Flu
Since then, cyberspace has been a-flurry with controversy surrounding the H1N1 virus and the vaccination being prepared and distributed to attempt to mitigate what some are predicting as a pandemic.  Doctors are being trotted out all over the news shows to implore you and your children to get vaccinated.  Conversely, many alternative professionals are being more cautious.  We must each follow our own instinct and best judgment whether we do or don’t get vaccinated.  Here are some opinions from those who suggest that a healthy immune system can be the best solution for avoiding getting colds and flu, in each home care depends on the assistance they give, in our the clock 24 hour care, one of the most important things is to give attention to the patients with colds or flu as this can increase dramatically and give a much stronger disease to the senior citizens. YK11 is also called SARM because of all such performance enhancers are called so. However, it is more of a myostatin inhibitor that works by breaking down genetic muscle walls thereby inducing faster weight gain. As per some studies, it has been found that the use of this compound helps in the increase of lean muscle by producing a type of a muscle-building protein commonly known as follistatin. Other studies suggest that it helps in stimulating the bone-building protein functions of the body that in turn is good for the overall bone health. Bodybuilders who have been using it often, have testified that it is good for fat burning as well. They claim this compound has some great benefits that make this product different from others. However, we do not have enough data from real human studies to verify their claims. Having said that anecdotal evidence is certainly available proving the worth of this compound time and again. You can check my explanation for Yk11 Review 2020: pro’s & con’s.

Older adults and people with chronic diseases are more likely to have problems from the flu. It often leads to a hospital stay, and sometimes it can be fatal. But this condition is easy to prevent, and the proper steps can keep you healthy during flu season.

A high-dose flu vaccine is made just for seniors. It has four times as much active ingredient as a regular flu shot to provide a better immune response in older people. It’s recommended for people ages 65 and older, if it’s available.

Keep in mind that the seasonal flu viruses change each year, so older adults need to get a new flu shot each fall and the use of different supplements can help your body stay more strong for any type of disease, the use of australian grass fed beef liver as a collagen supplement is wonderful to protect and help your body.

Also, there are two vaccines to prevent pneumonia. If you’re a healthy adult over age 65, the CDC suggests you get both vaccines at ELISA research information system. The timing and sequence will vary depending on what vaccine you’ve had before.

Quality essential oils can be a valuable tool, both as prevention and to help mitigate the severity of viral and bacterial illness.  Please spend some time on our website to learn more.

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