Mar 152009

Like most of you, my passion for aromatics does not always supersede other artistic enjoyment.  As we grow nearer to Spring (thank the stars!), my wanderlust kicks in and I yearn to travel, clearing the cobwebs of inactivity and opening my senses to new cultures and experiences.  My brother recently visited Argentina (what me jealous?) for a month while working on fine art commission and has introduced me to many of the fascinating people he discovered.  Check this out to know about arts here. Revel in this sensuous video featuring one of Argentina’s lovely songstresses of the Tango . . . makes you want to bite your scarf and dance with abandon. . .

Silvana Deluigi vocal, Leading Ladies of Tango Orchestra. Live recording December 2006.Video by John Campbell.

The tanguera Silvana Deluigi dispenses with the cliché of the woman who was made to serve as the source of her man’s unhappiness. In duos with the bassist Jean-Paul Celea, the saxophonist, Ulrich I. Lask, and the Uruguayan bandoneon virtuoso Luis di Matteo, she demonstrates that the sung tango is no nostalgic museum piece but a self-confident and up-to-date musical form.

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