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Holiday greetings from Samara Botane! We hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  If you have any questions you can call us at 800-782-4532, or reach us by email at Our snail mail address is PO Box 2483, Snohomish, WA 98291. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of this page.


Samara Botane Cyber-Weekend SaleGraphic courtesy of Marvy Moms

Samara Botane Cyber-Weekend Sale

We're offering three blanket discounts this year, calculated on the total amount of your purchase.
No code necessary, the discounts will be applied when your order gets entered into our system. They are:

Orders totalling $100 to $199 . . . Save 10%
Orders totalling $200 to $299 . . . Save 15%
Orders over $300 . . . Save 20%

Sale will be in effect starting all day Thursday, November 23 and ending Midnight Monday, November 27. Five days of blissful savings.

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What's in the sale?

These discounts cover everything on our website, including all essential oils, absolutes, synergies and blends, hydrosols, floral waxes, dilutions, extracts and alcohols, floral waxes and concretes with the exception of those collections already permanently discounted.

Wait, that's not all . . .Your discount will also include unscented lotion, gels,
clays, salts, sugars, dried botanicals
. . . as well as tins, bottles, jars, ointment/solid perfume containers, inhaler blanks, funnels, bags -all the necessary items for making your own aromatic gifts.
Unless it is already discounted on the website, your level of discount will apply.

Order Details

All orders will be processed first come first served beginning on Tuesday. If item stock is depleted,
we will advise you via email or telephone to let us know if you simply want it backordered
and sent when it arrives or if you wish to substitute another comparable item.

Note: The discounts will not show up on the checkout page or the email invoice that you get when you place the order. However, we will honor the discounts on all orders we receive during the sale period.

Orders under $100 will receive our normal 5% discount.



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